NWB 15
Central (Central Ferry Piers) → The Peak$9.80/0.00
Via: Chung Wan, Peak, Hennessy, Oi Kwan, Southorn, Stubbs Road, Tai Fat Hau
Opening Hour: Normal 10:00 to 0:15 / Holiday10:00 to 0:15
Joureny Time: 35min., every 12 to 15min.
Section Fare: $7.20 if on board after Wan Chai Gap
Remarks: Service from The Peak before 09:10 & from Central before 09:56 daily is terminating at Central (Exchange Square). For details, please refer to Route 15 Special timetable.
Bus Stop list:
1. Man Kwong Street, outside Central Pier No. 5
2. Man Kwong Street, outside Central Pier No.7
3. under Exchange Square
4. Connaught Road Central, outside City Hall
5. No.93, Queensway, outside Queensway Plaza
6. Queen's Road East, near Arsenal House
7. Queen's Road East, outside House No.110
8. Queen's Road East, outside House No.182
9. No.264, Queen's Road East, outside Wanchai Market
10. Queen's Road East, outside St. Joseph's College Primary College
11. Stubbs Road, opposite to Greenville Gardens Block C
12. Stubbs Road, opposite to Lingnan Primary School
13. Stubbs Road, opposite to House Number 22, Tung Shan Terrace
14. Stubbs Road, outside Hong Kong Adventist Hospital
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15. Stubbs Road, outside Evergreen Villa
16. Stubbs Road, outside Bradbury Junior School
17. Stubbs Road, outside Taipan Court
18. Stubbs Road, outside White Jade
19. Stubbs Road, near Wan Chai Gap
20. Outside 25 Peak Road
21. Guildford Road, outside Guildford Court
22. Opposite to 6 Mansfield Road
23. Outside 6 Mansfield Road
24. Outside 2 Mansfield Road
25. Peak Road, near 27 Magazine Gap Road
26. Peak Road, opposite to Ondina Height
27. Peak Road, opposite to Peak Villas
28. Peak Road, near Plunkett's Road
29. The Peak Galleria, The Peak Bus Terminus
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