NWB 63
North Point Ferry → Stanley Prison$8.90/0.00
Via: Causeway Bay, Jardine's Lookout, Stubbs Road, Tai Hang, Braemar Hill, Fort Street, Fortress Hill, Kam Ping, Provident, Bays Area, Stanley & Shek O
Opening Hour: Normal 6:00 to 19:30
Joureny Time: 54min., every 30min.
Section Fare: $5.00 if on board after Repulse Bay, $3.40 if on board after Stanley Village
Remarks: A discount of $1 is offered with interchange between route 14 using the same octopus card.
Bus Stop list:
1. North Point Ferry Pier Bus Terminus
2. outside House no. 480C, King's Road
3. King's Road, outside Metropole Building
4. King's Road,outside Mary Court
5. King's Road, outside New Trend Plaza
6. King's Road, outside MTR Fortress Hill Station
7. King's Road, near Tsing Fung Street Flyover
8. Causeway Road, outside Queen's College
9. Irving Street, opposite to Regal Hong Kong Hotel
10. Tung Lo Wan Road, opposite to St Paul's Convent School and St Paul's Hospital
11. Tai Hang Road, opposite to Fontana Garden
12. Tai Hang Road, opposite to Grand Deco Tower, near Illumination Terrace
13. Tai Hang Road, opposite to True Light Middle School of Hong Kong, near Lai Sing Court
14. Tai Hang Road, outside Morengo Court
15. Tai Hang Road, outside Wang Fung Terrace
16. Tai Hang Road, opposite to Tai Hang Road Rest Garden
17. Tai Hang Road, outside Swiss Tower
18. Tai Hang Road, outside Buddhist Li Ka Shing Care and Attention Home for the Elderly
19. Tai Hang Road, outside Perkins Road Dairy Farm Shopping Mall
20. Tai Hang Road, opposite to Jardine's Lookout Garden Mansion
21. Tai Hang Road, near Pine Hill Villa
22. Tai Hang Road, outside Elegant Court
23. Wong Nai Chung Gap Road, opposite to Woodland Heights
24. Wong Nai Chung Gap Road, outside Hong Kong Tennis Centre
25. Wong Nai Chung Gap Road, outside Hong Kong Girl Guides Association New Sandilands Training Centre
26. Repulse Bay Road, outside Royal Garden
27. Repulse Bay Road, outside Monte Verde
28. Repulse Bay Road, outside to Manhattan Tower
29. Repulse Bay Road, outside Somerset
30. Repulse Bay Road, opposite to House 17, Royal Cliff
31. Repulse Bay Road, outside Repulse Bay Centre
32. Repulse Bay Road, outside Repulse Bay Towers
33. outside No 127, Repulse Bay Road
34. Stanley Gap Road, near Headland Road
35. Chung Hom Kok Road, near Miklagand
36. Chung Hom Kok Road, outside Chung Hom Kok Fire Station
37. Chung Hom Kok Road, outside House Number 53
38. Opposite to House Number 12, Cape Road
39. Cape Road, opposite to Kwun Yam Temple
40. Cape Road, opposite to Lun Tung House, Lun Yan Court
41. Cape Road, opposite to Chun Ma House, Ma Hang Estate
42. Carmel Road, outside Stanley Plaza
43. Stanley Village Road, outside Tai Tam
44. Tung Tau Wan Road, outside Hong Kong Sea School
45. outside 39C, Tung Tau Wan Road
46. Tung Tau Wan Road, outside Stanley Prison
* Source: Transportation Department (Integrated by