NWB 970X
So Uk → Aberdeen$11.00/0.00
Via: Sai Ying Pun, University, Water Street, Aberdeen, Chi Fu, Pokfulam, Tin Wan, Jordan, King's Park, Mong Kok East, Mong Kok South, Tsim Sha Tsui North, Tsim Sha Tsui West, Cheung Sha Wan, Lei Cheng Uk, Nam Cheong East, Nam Cheong North, Po Lai
Opening Hour: Normal 5:30 to 1:30 / Holiday6:30 to 1:30
Joureny Time: 62min., every 15 to 20min.
Section Fare: $6.50 if on board after After Western Harbour Crossing, $5.70 if on board after Queen Mary Hospital
Bus Stop list:
1. So Uk Bus Terminus, opposite to Cheung Sha Wan Jockey Club Clinic, outside Camelia House, So Uk Estate and San Wui Commercial Society Primary School
2. Kwong Lee Road, outside Buddhist Chi Yun School
3. Tonkin Street, outside Merlin Centre
4. Castle Peak Road, outside Wai Lee Commercial Building
5. outside No. 96 Yen Chow Street
6. Cheung Sha Wan Road, outside House Number 210
7. Outside no.48, Cheung Sha Wan Road
8. Nathan Road, outside Mong Kok Divisional Police Station
9. Nathan Road, outside Allied Plaza
10. Nathan Road, outside Argyle Centre
11. Nathan Road, opposite to Grand Tower
12. Nathan Road, opposite to Ginza Square
13. 514-516 Nathan Road, outside Kam Wa Building
14. Nathan Road, outside Nathan Hotel
15. outside House no. 26A, Jordan Road
16. Jordan Road, outside Ho Kwan Building
17. Jordan Road, outside City Golf Club
18. Western Harbour Crossing, towards H.K. Island, near Toll Plaza
19. Connaught Road West, outside Connaught Garden
20. No.36, Pok Fu Lam Road, near Li sing Primary School
21. Pok Fu Lam Road, near Haking Wong Building, The University of Hong Kong, opposite to Hong Kong Chiu Sheung School
22. Pok Fu Lam Road, opposite to Lady Ho Tung Hall, The University of Hong Kong
23. Pokfield Road, outside Pokfield Road Bus Terminus and Petrol Station
24. Pok Fu Lam Road, outside Pokfulam Road Playground
25. Pok Fu Lam Road, opposite to Chinese Christian Cemetery
26. Pok Fu Lam Road, outside The University of Hong Kong Pathology Building
27. Pok Fu Lam Road, outside Queen Mary Hospital
28. Pok Fu Lam Road, opposite to Ebenezer School & Home for the Visually Impaired
29. Pok Fu Lam Road, outside Middleton Towers
30. Pok Fu Lam Road, outside Lady Maclehose Phab Centre
31. Outside Pok Fu Lam Government Primary School, 162 Pok Fu Lam Road
32. Chi Fu Road, opposite to Chi Fu Fa Yuen Tennis Court
33. Chi Fu Road, Opposite to Fu Yan Court
34. Chi Fu Road, outside Yar Chee Villas
35. Shek Pai Wan Road , outside Wayland House
36. Shek Pai Wan Road, outside Man King Building
37. Aberdeen Bus Terminus, outside On Tai Building
* Source: Transportation Department (Integrated by