KMB 296C
Sham Shui Po (Tonkin Street) → Sheung Tak$7.50/0.00
Via: Mong Kok North, Mong Kok South, Tai Nan, Fu Cheong, Lai Kok, Nam Cheong Central, Nam Cheong South, Kadoorie, Lung Shing, Ma Tau Wai, Prince, Chi Choi, San Po Kong, Kwun Tong Central, Ngau Tau Kok, Ping Shek, Tsui Ping South, Sheung Tak
Opening Hour: Normal 7:00 to 0:20 / Holiday7:00 to 0:20
Joureny Time: 55min., every 12 to 20min.
Section Fare: $6.50 if on board after MTR Kowloon Bay Station, $4.60 if on board after Kwun Tong Town Centre
Bus Stop list:
1. Ton Kin Street, near Fu Hoi House Fu Cheong Estate
2. Cheung Sha Wan Road, Outside Lai Law House, Lai Kok Estate
3. Lai Chi Kok Road, outside House Number 380
4. Outside no.252, Lai Chi Kok Road
5. Outside House Number 110, Lai Chi Kok Road
6. Lai Chi Kok Road, outside Metropark Hotel Mongkok
7. Mong Kok Road, opposite to Yau Shing Building
8. Argyle Street, opposite to Shell Petrol Station
9. Argyle Street, opposite to Yee On Court
10. Argyle Street, outside Kowloon Hospital
11. Argyle Street, outside Hospital Authority Building
12. Arygle Street, outside Hong Kong Eye Hospital
13. Argyle Street, opposite to Argyle Street Playground
14. Prince Edward Road East, opposite to Kai Tak Government Building
15. Prince Edward Road East, near The Latitude
16. Prince Edward Road East, outside Chiap King Industrial Building
17. Prince Edward Raod East, outside Block 8, Rhythm Garden
18. Prince Edward Road East, outside Pedestrian Subway, near Ping Shek Estate
19. Kwun Tong Road, outside St. Joseph's Anglo-chinese Primary School
20. Kwun Tong Road, outside Block 8, Lower Ngau Tau Kok Estate
21. Kwun Tong Road, outside Block 4, Lower Ngau Tau Kok Estate
22. Kwun Tong Road, outside Kwun Tong Road Sitting Out Area and Subway
23. Kwun Tong Road, opposite to CLP Station
24. Lei Yue Mun Road, outside Kwun Tong Recreation Ground, opposite to Kwun Tong Magistracy
25. Tseung Kwan O Road, opposite to Kwun Tong Police Station, outside Kwun Tong Recreation Ground
26. Tong Ming Street, outside Sheung Shun House, Sheung Tak Estate
27. Sheung Tak Bus Terminus, under Sheung Tak Shopping Centre
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