KMB N260 (All-night service)
Mei Foo → Tuen Mun Pier Head$11.10/0.00
Via: Mei Foo Central, Fuk Loi, Lai Hing, Tak Wah, Butterfly, Hanford, Kin Sang, King Hing, Lok Tsui, Lung Mun, Sam Shing, San Hui, Siu Hei, Siu Hong, Siu Sun, Siu Tsui, Tin King, Tsui Hing, Tuen Mun Rural, Tuen Mun Town Centre, Wu King, Yau Oi South, Kwai
Opening Hour: Normal 0:15 to 6:00 / Holiday0:15 to 6:00
Joureny Time: 73min., every 15 to 20min.
Section Fare: $6.80 if on board after Goodview Garden, Tuen Mun
Remarks: A discount is offered for the second leg journey interchange to/from routes N237 or N241 using Octopus card
Bus Stop list:
1. Mei Foo Bus Terminus, under Kwai Chung Road Flyover
2. Lai Chi Kok Road, outside Exit A, MTR Mei Foo Station
3. Kwai Chung Road, near Container Termininal, near Princess Margaret Hospital
4. Kwai Chung Road, near Lai King Catholic Secondary School
5. Kwai Chung Road, outside Kwai Tak House , Kwai Fong Estate
6. Castle Peak Road - Kwai Chung, Outside Petrol Station, Opposite to Mita Centre
7. Castle Peak Road - Kwai Chung, outside Wo Kee Hong Building
8. Castle Peak Road - Kwai Chung, outside Tai Wo Hau Indoor Recreation Centre
9. Castle Peak Road - Tsuen Wan, outside Phase 2, Tsuen Wan Town Square
10. Castle Peak Road - Tsuen Wan, opposite to Tsuen Kam Centre
11. Castle Peak Road - Tsuen Wan, outside Hi Tech Industrial Centre
12. Tuen Mun Road, Tuen Mun Road Interchange, Towards Tuen Mun
13. Hoi Chu Road, outside Block 5, Goodview Garden
14. Hoi Chu Road, outside Block 4, Tsui Ning Garden
15. Tuen Mun Heung Sze Wui Road, outside Yau Oi Shoppong Centre, Yau Oi Estate
16. Tuen Hi Road, outside Tuen Mun Town Plaza
17. Tuen Mun Road, outside San Hui Market
18. Tuen Mun Road, outside CCC Tam Lee Lai Fun Memorial Secondary School
19. Slip Road of Lam Tei Interchange, near Siu Hong Court and Siu Hong MTR Station
20. Tsing Lun Road, near Ng Lau Road
21. Tsing Lun Road, outside Siu Lai House, Siu Hong Court
22. Tsing Lun Road, outside Siu Yin House, Siu Hong Court
23. Tsing Lun Road, outside Tuen Mun Hospital
24. Tsun Wen Road, outside Block 2, Blossom Garden
25. Ming Kum Road, outside Goodrich Garden Commercial Complex
26. Tin King Road, outside Tin Lok House, Tin King Estate
27. Tin King Road, outside Tin Yue House, Tin King Estate
28. Ming Kun Road, opposite to MTR Shek Pai Station
29. Ming Kum Road, outside Kwong Kin Trade Centre
30. Tsing Wun Road, opposite to Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education (Tuen Mun)
31. Tsing Wun Road, opposite to SKH St. Peter's Church Kingdergarden & Day Nursery (Castle Peak)
32. Lung Mun Road, outside Glorious Garden
33. Lung Mun Road, outside MTR Tuen Mun Building
34. Lung Mun Road, opposite to Butterfly MTR Station
35. Wu Chui Road, outside Tip Sum House, Butterfly Estate
36. Wu Chui Road, outside Wu Pik House , Wu King Estate
37. Wu Chui Road, opposite to Block 3, Pierhead Garden
38. Wu Chui Road, outside Tuen Mun Pier Bus Terminus
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